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This Schedule was last updated 23 February 2024
NOTE: The Math Support Center will be CLOSED for February Break and will reopen Wednesday 28 February.

Hours as shown below.

 All MSC Capsules, including one-pagers for Trig and Row Reduction are now available.

Math Support Center Daytime Hours: 256 Malott; masks available if you want one; Evening Hours: also in 256 Malott

 MSC  Monday Feb 26 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10:00 AM..☐Aryaan, ☐Eugene☐Aditya, ☐Alexander W.☐Aryaan, ☐Eugene..
10:30 AM..☐Aryaan, ☐Eugene☐Aditya, ☐Alexander W.☐Aryaan, ☐Eugene..
11:00 AM..☐Joseph☐Alexander W., ☐John☐Miguel..
11:30 AM..☐Joseph, ☐Miguel☐Alexander W.☐Miguel..
12:00 PM..☐Aditya, ☐Alexander B., ☐Miguel☐Eugene, ☐Giacomo☐Alexander B., ☐Sunny..
12:30 PM..☐Aditya, ☐Alexander B., ☐Richard☐Eugene, ☐Giacomo☐Alexander B., ☐Giacomo, ☐Sunny..
1:00 PM..☐Alexander B., ☐Richard, ☐Stephen☐Aryaan, ☐Xenex, ☐Stephen☐Alexander B., ☐Giacomo, ☐Stephen..
1:30 PM..☐Stephen, ☐Sunny☐Aryaan, ☐Xenex, ☐Stephen☐Alexander B., ☐Giacomo, ☐Stephen..
2:00 PM..☐Sunny☐Brayden, ☐Lucas, ☐Xenex☐Alexander B., ☐Giacomo..
2:30 PM..☐Lucas, ☐Sunny☐Brayden, ☐Lucas, ☐Xenex☐Brayden, ☐Giacomo, ☐Lucas..
3:00 PM..☐Brayden, ☐Lucas, ☐John☐Brayden, ☐Alexander B., ☐Xenex☐Brayden, ☐Lucas..
3:30 PM..☐Brayden, ☐Lucas, ☐Rudra☐Alexander B., ☐Xenex☐Lucas, ☐Rudra..
4:00 PM..☐Brayden, ☐Lucas, ☐Rudra☐Alexander B., ☐Xenex☐Lucas, ☐Rudra..
6:00 PM..☐Giacomo, ☐John....
6:30 PM..☐Giacomo, ☐John....
7:00 PM..☐Giacomo, ☐Xenex....
7:30 PM..☐Giacomo, ☐Xenex....

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